Iran's Crises Unfolded  
Wednesday 28 July 2021
مواضع و بیانیه
سیاسی و نظامی
گفتگو - شنیداری/دیداری/ن.شتاری
برداشت و تحلیل
خبر و گزارش
صفحه نخست

Aims and Scope

We aim to provide a forum where a collection of news reports and analytical reviews and research notes address underlying and influential parameters that create the current crises in Iran and the Middle East.
We aim to generate an open access “journal” where readers can submit their own in-depth views and reviews, based on political theories and empirical solutions that support and relate to the crises and realistic issues at hand.
We aim to take no side on the development and presentation of arguments. For this, readers may find news reports and analytical articles which represent both ultra right and left arguments.
We aim simultaneously to report on democratic movements and echo the voice of the silent majority in Iran and the Middle East. For this, we encourage contributions that formulate the layman’s points of view in a journalistic context.
Readers are welcome to post their comments by pressing the “comments button” at the end of each article.

Ali Behrooz (Dr)

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